Lotus Notes To Gmail With Selective External Tool

The move towards Gmail email application can be painful because moving to Gmail means leaving behind Lotus Notes email platform which you might have been using since a long time. It seems like anti-Lotus Notes when switching to Gmail. For this conversion, you can use our Lotus Notes Contacts to Gmail software. In different circumstances, software will simultaneously export contacts from Lotus Notes to Gmail and causes no loss to contacts details at all. Suppose you are using Lotus Notes email application from a long time and have always used this for work. You have decided to change your emailing client from Lotus Notes to Gmail. Before you make such a move, you wanted to employ Lotus Notes contacts into Gmail migration because contacts are vitally important for your business. If you have contacts stored in Gmail, you would be able to have better access to contacts via your mobile device.

Lotus Notes to Gmail migration with advanced features:

  1. During Lotus Notes contacts into Gmail conversion, software promises to use amazing speed because users must have bulk amount of contacts
  2. Software converts Names.NSF file into CSV format too in inclusion with .XLS which means double benefit of accessing contacts into two different file formats
  3. The easy steps of the application let you convert bulk contacts conveniently in Excel.
  4. Round the clock free assistance regarding software is available from support representatives.

Capture important Info regarding Lotus Notes to Gmail migration in free trial:

Lotus Notes to GmailConvert Lotus Notes to Gmail Lotus Notes to Gmail

Free demonstration edition will export contacts from Lotus Notes to Gmail but only 10 in number so that you would be able to understand whole procedure software operates. Above this, you would be able to watch complete processing of Lotus Notes contacts into Gmail. By gaining right knowledge about the tool, you will be at ease in fully comprehensive version.